Use these brackets to mount SawGear to a flat surface such as benches and custom made saw stands.  (2 pieces) Set included with SG08, SG12 and SG16.

We're not picky about whether or not you use a saw stand.  For quick and easy attachment to a standard table, bench, or workstation, you'll need these bench mount brackets.

These affordable mounts can also be used on saw stands by cutting spacing blocks and screwing them to your stand. Then add these brackets to attach SawGear, putting it at the right height. This option will not have the quick disconnect feature as the others brackets, but it is a low cost and strong solution. (Some tables, benches, and workstations may require modifications).

Width OA - 2"
Depth from front face of SawGear Measuring Bar 4.31"
Raises SawGear up 3/32" This allows for a dust slot where bar meets table.

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